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Case Studies

The Case of Kelly

Kelly (16) is a single mother staying with her uncle and she is not married. She was sexually abused after going out with her friends for a party. Kelly went to a local clinic to request for a morning after pill however she was denied access to it because she was below the age of consent to access health services without the consent of a caregiver or parent. Kelly is now a mother because she could not access the service that she required at that particular time and she now has responsibility of an unplanned child.

Kelly was one of the many participants of the assertiveness trainings. From the training session, she was able to get support from her peers and was able to resume accessing family planning and anti-natal care services. However, ZY+ has a relationship with the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights which is an organization that helps justify and mitigate the needs of young key populations and AGYW and vulnerable communities. This is in relation to the several stigma and discrimination cases that have been brought before it. The relationship will assist in ensuring that young people living with receive legal redress in clear cases of stigma and discrimination which are outlawed by the constitution. Within the masculinity trainings we also identified that the group or community of Young people with disability is very much marginalized and requires support.

The Case of Kudakwashe

Kudakwashe is a young man with osteogenesis imperfecta he is also living with HIV. Kuda visited the clinic to be treated for a suspected STI and when he got to the clinic the healthcare providers stated questioning his sexuality because he is physically challenged. Kuda felt stigmatized as he was selected from the group of clients and the health care providers were neglecting his needs as he is also sexually active.

What the health care providers should have done was to provide him with protective commodities such as condoms, lubricants and other necessary information or interventions.