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HER Voice Fund

What Is HER Voice Fund

HER Voice Fund is a project that support meaningful engagement of adolescent girls and young women in relevant Global Fund and other national, provincial and district level processes in order to contribute more directly to the decisions that affect their lives. The fund has four streams that is: 1. Gathering information and stories for AGYW advocacy. The stream is focused on collecting information from adolescent girls and young women, in all their diversity, about the issues they are facing and the changes they want to see. 2. Training and mentoring for policy and advocacy work. Engaging in Global Fund and other national processes around health and HIV can be challenging if you are not familiar if you don’t know much about it. This stream of work will focus on activities carried out by organisations working with AGYW to support their active participation, by offering training and mentoring to build influencing skills and confidence.3. AGYW engagement in policy and advocacy. This stream focuses on supporting young women to participate in policy processes and activities and can support them to represent their communities and community needs and priorities.4. Monitoring and accountability.

These streams support activities to hold decision makers accountable in supporting AGYW. For this reason, ZY+ was selected to be the country Lead for HER Voice Fund and much of the work is around coordination and monitoring six grantees in Zimbabwe namely Africaid, Zvandiri, Hope for Adolescents and Youths, YES Trust, Youth Engage, ROOTS and RNCYPT.


ZY+ HER Voice Country Lead - Gladys Gumbo

Story by Emmanuel Kafe

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Inception Meeting

COMMUNITY-based organisations advocating for the well-being of young people, women and those living with HIV are benefiting from small grants from the HER Voice Fund. The grant is managed by the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV on behalf of Global Fund and ViiV Healthcare. The Zimbabwe Young Positive is the country lead in Zimbabwe.

The HER Voice Fund is targeting adolescent girls and young women who are also high-risk groups when it comes to HIV infections.

In Zimbabwe, the HER Voice Fund is supporting six community-based organisations namely, YES Trust, ROOTS, Youth Engage, Hope for Adolescent and Youth, RNCYPT and Africaid.

At its inception in Harare on Friday, official representatives of HER Voice Fund said these were small grants that have been set aside to support meaningful community engagements and leadership of adolescent girls and young women and amplifying their voices in order to inform the decision that affect them.


“We know that these populations are at risk of contracting the HIV virus and we want to ensure that we end HIV looking at this target population and lessening the infections rate in adolescents and girls. This fund is there to have the voices of young women sharing their lived experiences when it comes to HIV especially with the ones who are living with the virus,” explained HER Voice Fund ambassador Tambudzai Magwenzi.

She also added that young people were at risk of contracting HIV and Aids.

“The infections are high in young people and when we are comparing between males and females, we see that infections are high in young girls and women more than boys and young men. When we looked at that, we then said why not have young people talk about what’s going on in their lives. That’s when we came up with the HER Voice Fund so that we could hear their voice,” she said.

The fund has four streams which include gathering information and stories for adolescent girls and young women advocacy, training and mentoring for policy and advocacy work, adolescent girls and young women engagement in policy and advocacy and monitoring and accountability. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Young Positives (ZY+) program officer and HER Voice Fund Country Lead, Gladys Gumbo, said the HER Voice Fund would empower the young women and girls through improving access to health services under young people friendly environments.

“As the ZY+, we got the grant as the country lead, most of our work is in grant co-ordination, finding out the problems that they are facing when implementing projects. This grant is going to improve access to services through empowerment programs where the young people will be engaging in training sessions and creation of mobile clinics and one stop shops where they can get quality access to services,” explained Gumbo.


HER Voice Fund To Help Reduce HIV Incidence In Young Girls and Women In Zimbabwe

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