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Call for Consultant Services

Call for consultant services for training on Organization for Grantees

Deadline: 12 February 2021


ZY+ is seeking to recruit a Consultant specializing in Organizational Development (OD) of its grantees.

Zimbabwe Young Positives is a youth- led and driven Network for young people and adolescents living with HIV. The mission of the network is to coordinate and mobilize young people and adolescents to influence change and access to information and SRHR/ HIV services in their diversity as key populations. The programs and actions of the organization are rooted in a rights-based approach to development. The aim is to promote Positive Health Dignity and Prevention.

ZY+ seeks to recruit a consultant who is dedicated to strengthening the effectiveness of civil society to challenge poverty and inequality, empowering people to gain greater control over their own futures as well as to strengthen access to sustainable, high quality, organisational and capacity development support for civil society. Influencing policy makers, government regulators, donors and INGOs to improve their civil society-related policies, strategies and practice.

As a consultant focussing on organisational development and capacity building, you will have the opportunity to learn from all grantees research, training and consultancy work.

Deliverables and timelines

  • Strategic plans (or revised) by each organization
  • Financial overview and fundraising strategy produced by each organization
  • Risk assessment and prioritization produced (or revised) by each organization
  • Risk prevention and mitigation plan produced (or revised) by each organization
  • M&E plan produced (or revised) by each organization
  • Staff welfare and reward policy produced (or revised) by each organization

Key Competencies

Consultant will be selected based on the following:

  • Demonstrable experience in qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Good report writing and communication skills
  • Understanding of issues related to HIV and SRHR
  • Commitment to gender equality and non-discrimination
  • Fluency in English, Shona, Ndebele


  • At least 4 years’ practical experience of working with civil society organizations.
  • An extensive track record on assignments related to organizational development and capacity building.
  • Experience in designing and delivering training related to organizational development and capacity building.
  • Understanding of/interest in current debates and literature in organizational and human change.
  • Experience of working with different funders, including public and private, would be an advantage.

To apply, please send an expression of interest including details on how you plan to carry out this project, as well as a CV and two examples of similar pieces of your work to info@zimbabweyoungpositives.org info@zimbabweyoungpositives.org